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Arman Zajic has worked on more than 10 Feature Films as a Director of Photography and Gaffer with the likes of Chazz Palminteri, Steve Guttenberg, William Fichtner, Daryl Hannah, Michael Jai White, Dionne Warwick, Mario Van Peebles & Jean-Claude Van Damme to name a few. His journey as an artist began in his teenage years first as an actor at the age of 15. He would go on to book several nation-wide commercials and award-winning shorts. It wasn't until he booked a role in the critically acclaimed JARHEAD, opposite Sam Rockwell (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Iron Man 2), directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Spectre), that he began to truly pay attention to the creativity behind the camera. After many years of developing his craft shooting shorts and music videos, he naturally transitioned into filmmaking later on in his career.


Arman's goal is to create images through unconventional stories that are thought-provoking and relevant in which they may affect the viewer on an emotional and subliminal level.

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